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Intruder Alarms

With a history dating back over 50 years, you can understand why we are extremely confident when it comes to intruder alarm installations. With thousands of Commercial and Domestic customers, Dejay Royale understands exactly what's required to safeguard both you and your property.

Despite the sophistication and choice in modern burglar alarm equipment, the finished installed security alarm systems are very simple to use. In any event, Dejay Royale will conduct your alarm installation, and our installers will fully demonstrate your burglar alarm system to you upon completion.

Monitoring Station

In order to extract the full security benefit from your intruder alarm system, our Monitoring Station will monitor your system 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Knowing that there are security professionals responding to your intruder alarm activations greatly enhances the investment you made in your security alarm system, and increases your overall personal and property protection. We utilise state of the art Monitoring Stations in Dublin and Cork and depending on your specific instructions, trained operators will act promptly.

Radio Transceivers

Clients who require additional security or who require greater protection for valuable property can avail of our radio transmitter network. With strategically placed radio masts around the country which are linked to our Monitoring Centres, alarm systems fitted with radio transmitters will continue to transmit alarm activation signals in the event of your phone lines being cut or damaged.

The radio network provides the highest level of secure monitoring for business and domestic clients and is not reliant on landlines or mobile phone networks.

Service Support

Dejay Royale can offer an after sales maintenance schedule designed to check key components in your system on a regular basis. Benefits include reduced pricing, access to our 24 hour support line and expert assistance from our technical support staff.

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