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Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems

Dejay Royale Access Control Systems offer a range of access management solutions for both your own personnel and visitors. Supporting software loaded onto your PC allows simple administration of the community - simply put, you decide who is allowed in, when and where.

Dejay Royale will assist you in determining the best access control method, whether it's basic access control for a single entrance or a more complex integrated multi user system we will provide a manageable system with easy administration.


A commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality has played a major role in Dejay Royale's success over the years. All of the company's intruder alarm products conform to the E.N. 50131-1 Standard while the full range of products and services meet the very highest international standards.

This commitment to excellence extends to a 24-hour emergency service, with Engineers on call 365 days a year. Dejay Royale's client base includes many Irish state companies, semi-state companies and large corporations.

Iris Recognition Access Control

When compared to other biometrics, Iris (eye) Recognition is the most accurate and fastest non contact option available. An Iris pattern will not change over time as that of finger, hand, voice and facial characteristics does; barring trauma, one enrolment is good for life. Iris Recognition can be incorporated into many applications and particularly into circumstances were a higher level of security is required. Iris Recognition is the ultimate cost effective access solution.

Fingerprint Access Control

Fingerprint access control has been widely used over time. It's a security solution encompassing the very best technology and can be incorporated into a variety of applications. Easy to install, the control unit can be used in conjunction with a PIN CODE, this will provide added security for your protected area.

Standard Access Control Systems

For simple access solutions, Dejay Royale can provide a range of entry / exit devices. These can be PIN CODE operated or proximity / swipe card or fey-fob controlled. These devices are ideal for both commercial and domestic use and are compact and easy to install.

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You decide who is allowed in, when and where